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We provide the best quality brands directly from the supplier, so if you are sick of poor quality products...

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At Super Muscle nutrition

we represent the world’s premium strength training and nutrition brands and we bring them straight to your local gym.

Whatever your aims, whatever your sport.

Only the best will do

Alongside Dorian Yates, winner of six Mr Olympia’s in a row, Super Muscle Nutrition recognises that you cannot train your best unless your body takes the right nutrients and we want to help you to train your best always.

You do not get to be a six times winner of Mr Olympia without an utter dedication to every small detail of how to be the best and this is why we have chosen Dorian Yates’ own brand nutrition to work with in Iran.

Dorian spent years perfecting his training regime to win Mr Olympia and on his retirement has spent the same dedication working on the perfect blend of supplements that really do make a difference. Try them and See…