Exclusive Suppliers of Dorian Yates Products to Iran

We are dedicated to provide the best quality tested products to the Iranian consumer.

Our goal is to eradicate the fake products being pumped into Iran from China, and provide brands directly from the company. We aim to provide the best quality products for the Iranian consumer to enjoy their supplements safely.

Answering what we do is easy – but what separates us from the competition is how and why we do it. We are a results driven team that strives to provide outstanding top quality products and a great range of innovative supplements which we hold exclusive distribution rights to Iran. We aim to eradicate all fakes and give the Iranian consumer a safe and tested product which will give them results for their specific sport.

It is this pursuit to be the best in what we do that gives Super Muscle Nutrition a competitive edge and turned it into a leading sports nutrition business in Iran. We sell the best brands from around the world and we are proud to be exclusive distributors to many leading brands such as Dorian Yates Nutrition, 5% nutrition, Universal Nutrition and many more.

We have products to suit the needs and budgets of all athletes and at the lowest possible prices. If you are unsure of what to buy online, send us an email and ask which supplement meets your requirements.

We also owe our progress to our loyal and supportive customers, and will offer various discounts on our website.

Super Muscle Nutrition is the Real Deal